GCS, LLC holds a Class 3 SOT, so we can deal in NFA items, including suppressors (silencers).

Contrary to what many people believe, silencers are perfectly legal to own in most states, including Alabama. If you are legally eligible to purchase a handgun, you are most likely eligible to purchase silencers. Yes, there is some paperwork involved, and you will have to provide a couple of photos and your fingerprints, but overall the process is straightforward. If you have a business or a Living Trust, it can be even easier (no photos or fingerprints). Just ask us how.


We currently sell suppressors by Advanced Armament Corp (AAC), Gemtech, Tactical Innovations, Yankee Hill Machine (YHM), SWR Manufacturing, and several other manufacturers. We offer suppressors for everything from .17 caliber up to .45 caliber in handguns, and from .17 caliber up to .338 caliber rifles.

Please contact us for pricing on suppressors, or if you have questions about the products or the process.

Woody: 251-767-1128 or

Thomas: 251-581-4303 or


Please note, we typically will NOT make recommendations regarding which suppressor is “”best”” for any caliber. While we can help you with your choice based on application, everyone hears the sound from a suppressor differently, so what we may consider to be “”better”” may sound completely different to you.